Manipol Body Massager in Pakistan

Manipol Body Massager in Pakistan

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Manipol Body Massager in Pakistan

The Mambo body massager has stylish‚ lightweight plan. It is an effective and calm body massager. The Mambo body massager not just gives a practicing impact. It likewise relieves and unwind throbbing muscles because of drag out standing and sitting. The Mambo body massager might be use on the waistline‚ neck shoulder‚ arm‚ hip‚ thigh and calf zones.

The Mambo body massager gives you a simple approach to practice and unwind in the meantime.

Built and intended to fit in with the bodies bends.

Novel fast turn and intense back rub takes away a throbbing painfulness.

Light‚ handy‚ advantageous.

Pack it anyplace whenever to unwind your muscles.

Alleviates pressure‚ reestablishes life and imperativeness.


Control Speed Regulator

Hand Grip

Knead Head

The most effective method to USE MAMBO BODY MASSAGER:

Fitting of Mesh Cover‚ Wave Cap and Roller Cap

Work cover ought to be utilized with wave top only‚ don’t utilize work cover with the roller top.

Work cover utilized as a part of mix with wave top is appropriate for zones which may bring about hair shopping in pakistan

Try not to utilize the roller top in ranges which may bring about hair trap.


Embed control connect to the divider attachment of perfect power source

Turn the knob(Power and Speed Regulator) to begin the massager

Turn the Power and Speed Requlator clockwise to change the speed frame low ~ high‚ kill hostile to clockwise to turn the gadget.

After use‚ turn all changes to the “OFF” position and expel control plug from the divider attachment.naaptol pakistan

Redress utilization of work cover to guarantee hair security

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